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About Katey

Full Name: Catherine Louise Sagal

(Legally she's known as Katey Sagal-Sutter)

A.K.A Katie Sagal, Katy Sagal,Kate Sagall,Katey Sagel(Katey Sagal-Sutter has yet to be used in credits.)

Role Best Known For: Peg Bundy on Married...with Children

Height:5'9'' (without heels)

Eye color:brown

Hair color: Dark as a child; red from 1986-1991; brown or black 1993 to spring 2005, blonde, summer 2005-spring 2006, light brown, Spring 2006,brownish blonde June 2006,brunette,fall 2006-until present.



- Katey loves music---she plays guitar and piano and sings songs that she's written. Katey has released two CD's and a single- "Well" in 1994 and the single "Can't Hurry the Harvest",with Virgin Records,then in 2004,she released "Room" with Valley Entertainment.

- Katey kept the red wig she wore on "Married...with Children." She keeps it in a plexiglass case in her basement.

Some of Katey's former jobs before making it big were a singing waitress,sandwich selling girl...Katey didn't like being a waitress,she said on this in 1989 ,"I was a terrible waitress. I had no patience,I could care less."What,you want another glass of water?You haven't finished the water I gave you!"

At one point she was asked to sing on a demo tape,as Karen Carpenter,but they found out real quickly that Katey wasn't the right singer to impersonate Karen Carpenter.

Katey has one tattoo as far as we know,it's on her left outer ankle, it's a rose.


Katey Sagal was born on January 19,1957(FOR REAL),in Hollywood,California. Her parents were Boris Sagal,a director(he directed such films and t.v. shows such as Girl Happy,and Operation Heartbeat,Dr.Kildare,and Columbo.)and her mother Sara Zwilling worked in radio,and was an assistant director.She has four siblings,Joey(who is an actor),David(a lawyer),and twin sisters Liz and Jean who are actresses and directors.Katey has always wanted to be a singer,and at the age of five,she gave her first "performance."

Her father didn't want her to become a "wild musician",so he had her play small parts in his made-for-tv movies,so she could gain health insurance and her Screen Actors Guild card.When an important producer told her that she "wasn't blonde,"she told her dad,"See,this isn't going to work."

But that didn't stop her from pursuing a career in showbusiness,when eventually she was found by an t.v producer to play the acid tongued Jo Tucker in the short lived series Mary.About a year after Mary was cancelled,she was offered a job as the Oprah obsessed,Peg Bundy in Married...with Children,the role she is now known best as.Today,she is known as Cate Hennessey on 8 Simple Rules as the widow of Paul(John Ritter)after John's untimely death in 2003.

As for her music career, in 1978 and again in 1983,she sang background vocals as a Harlette with Bette Midler. Katey is also heard on Gene Simmons(1978),Bette Midler's No Frills(1983),and Olivia Newton John's Soul Kiss,Etta James,Tanya Tucker,and most recently in 2003 with Scott Dreier,on Suddenly Seyemour. Katey has released two CD's- one with Virgin in 1994 titled "...Well" and recently with Valley Entertainment,titled "Room." She likes to perform wherever and whenever she can.Her real life gig is being a mother to her daughter Sarah,and her son Jackson,whose father is Jack White,whom Katey divorced in 2000.She is now married to her boyfriend of about 3 years,Kurt Sutter,a writer on FX's The Shield.They married on October 2,2004.Katey and Kurt welcomed their daughter together,via surrogate,January 10,2007. Her name is Esme Louise Sutter. Now with the cancellation of 8 Simple Rules, Katey has returned to tv films and has made guest appearances on Lost and Ghost Whisperer, and has just completed a indie film titled I'm Reed Fish which will be featured at Tribeca.Currently she finished filming One Part Sugar with Dylan Walsh and Danny DeVito. She intends to continue a television prescence and hopes to get another series eventually. Most recently, Katey filmed a pilot for FX, Sons of Anarchy,a dark humorous drama about a motorcycle gang which was written and will be executive produced by her husband,which he had written her role with her in mind.Katey was also last seen in two episodes of Eli Stone,and an episode of CSI.