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update archive

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March 19

Site's back up! Yay!!!! My old host for some reason shut my site down,and I decided to come back to tripod and just have my host run my forums and gallery. It's the way it should be,gallery will be getting new pics of Katey soon(Yeah she's still a blonde)from her 2nd appearance on Lost! It airs 3/29!!!

March 30th

Ok, so I believe that lastnight's Lost episode was Katey's last one. She looked great in the episode. Caps will be up as soon as I get my gallery going more:) Funniest Moms is next up for Katey,which airs this next Tuesday at 10PM,for 5 episode series. Hopefully all this work she's been getting will lead to a new series.

April 2

Yay! 2 days till funniest moms! The commercials have been airing non stop in the mornings--she looks great:p Hopefully I'll be able to cap it and show everyone the show in pictures. As for the gallery, I am going to get it fixed so I can begin uploading the rest of Ghost Whisperer,then Lockdown,and hopefully Funniest Moms. It's just that some technical errors came up,and I can't upload for some reason. Tribeca begins this month, and here are the airdates for I'm Reed Fish for the Kateyholic New Yorkers:

Sat, Apr 29 / 6:00 pm Regal Cinemas Battery Park 11 $12 Mon, May 1 / 6:45 pm AMC/Loews Village VII 2 $12 Tue, May 2 / 10:00 pm AMC/Loews Village VII 2 $12 Wed, May 3 / 9:30 pm AMC/Loews 34th Street 12 $12

Our site is also going to start up a group. Check back for updates:)

April 7

Gave the site a new design. Am glad that I did. Funniest Moms 2 premiered Monday. Katey looked really good and it was good,considering that in the premiere, she showed up twice. The gallery will be updated as soon as I can get the glitches fixed on it. As for the forums...please join us...It's a great way to meet more fans like you.

April 15

Click for Easter Greeting!

According to Reed Fish,tickets for the premiere of the film are sold out,but there are still ways to get tickets...don't fret!

April 22

Gave the site a new looks really good. Katey's show is really good,check it out before next weeks finale. I am in the process of attempting to get my gallery fixed. I hope soon, because I need to get the new photos in. Tribeca is coming up, and I'll let you all know whether Katey made an appearance or not. As for the forums, spread the word and maybe new members will come soon enough.

April 28

Some good news...Katey appeared at the 10th annual Prism awards, but no pictures have been found... Also the May 2 episode of Funniest Moms highlights the past 4 episodes. Tune in May 14 because TV Land will be airing a Funniest Moms Marathon including this great show. Also the finale airs May 9th. Katey as most may have heard is set to star in a new film with Danny DeVito, Dylan Walsh and Justin Long titled One Part Sugar. Stay tuned for more updates on the film.

May 4

I didn't find out about this until last minute and I apologize. Katey was on Martha today. She helped Martha Stewart make stuff for a Sweet 16...or something like that.Hopefully it will reair... also the finale for Funniest Moms airs May 9!

May 7

Just got news the other day...Katey is in the process of auditioning for sitcoms for the 2006-07 network seasons...We fans wish her the best of luck at possibly making a full return to television.

May 24

Just added a new link to affiliates. Also, I am getting a new email address for the site, so people can mail me submissions. Next week I am going to do some updates on the pages,so my site will be getting a new theme. This will also include affiliate buttons. Instead of links, I will be switching out to buttons. Also a page is going to current month schedule page:) That way, you'll know when Katey is on TV each month. I will continue with updating news all this summer,so keep on coming.

May 28 Updates archive added! The forums, I add, need more activity. If you haven't joined, I suggest it. We have a lot of fun there,and you even get to meet other fans and discuss Katey. June 9th at Genghis Cohen is Katey's next performance.

May 29

I updated our theme. Also some news thanks to Lou Cass! Katey is to release a third release date or title is set. We will release the news as I find out more. Also this month marked the 2 year birthday of this site. I have had it for 2 years through all the site changes and it's still there:)

June 15

Updates have been made to the site. I added the "Katey on TV" page, so now you can find out when you can see her on TV. Also, her performance in L.A was last Friday,hope that went well for her! Last night Orientation aired, for those who are also Lost fans... not much has gone on news wise with Katey, but when it comes, it will be right here on the site! I also heard that I'm Reed Fish was picked up for international distribution by ContentFilm International. Hopefully this film will be released later this year,or early next year at the latest. FYI, June 20 is the release date for Married With Children season 5!

June 16

New news has come! Katey will be in a six part interview for a series on TV Land called My First Time,exploring breakthrough roles. Show begins June 28.

June 22

Katey on Wednesday made an third appearance on Craig Ferguson. Also, season 5 of Married with Children has been released. Katey made another appearance benefitting breast cancer at the What a Pair event. She sang at this performance, which consists of celebrities singing duets of Broadway songs. Pictures are up in the gallery, I say, she looks amazing!

July 5

Sorry for the late update,but Katey has confirmed that yes, Futurama will be back,and she has signed on to voice Leela. The show will have 13 or so episodes and air on Comedy Central beginning in 2008,along with the other episodes. The site will be getting a new look in early August,so watch for updates. Our Forums have experienced some issues once again,so I'll bring them back again,and if you were an member, please be sure to reregister.

July 11

Forums have returned, and the gallery will be updated fully later this week. Be sure if you want to be a part of the site, join the forums:)

July 12

Layout is still being worked out,and also gallery will get work done today. Rules for the forums will be posted today,so look out for them. If you haven't joined, check it out. It's going to be a ton of fun!

August 8

There has been no new news at all...the theme for the main site and boards is currently being worked on....I will let everyone know when new news appears.

August 23

I'm back from getting our boards started...we are 21 members and going strong. Not much has happened,except Katey is currently voicing a Futurama movie set to come Christmas of 2007. I will let everyone know as updates come. I almost forgot, be sure to check out our boards...we have so much fun there,and you'll meet more just like you who love Katey!

September 5th

New news! Katey is to guest appear on Boston Legal for 3 episodes. She will portray the character Barbara Little,mother of a murder suspect. Also, the boards are doing well! We have had a few more join us in discussing Katey,and I hope if you haven't joined,please consider. It is a TON of FUN!

October 15

Updated the bio a little. New pics of Katey from the charity event are in the boards,I haven't gotten around to updating the gallery,so they are in there. I have been busy offline so I haven't had time to update the main site as much as I'd like. But the site now has a myspace!! Join us at

Also Married with Children season 6 comes out this December!

December 20th

This is the first time in months that we here at KSS have updated. This also may be the last news brief here,as I am getting a new layout ready to launch January 19,2007(Katey's Birthday). I actually am attempting an HTML layout and I think everyone will like it. You can get a general idea of the scheme when you visit our boards. Also Katey is scheduled to do more--I will let everyone know when there is more.